Thursday, March 18, 2010

Perrrr.... a good idea to stop boyfriend from playing games.....

i quite long time i didn wrote any post dy, sry abt tat.
i found this latest youtube video and i found it very intersting, i tink u should watch it.
plot very KNS, galfriend can "owned" boyfriend, WTF??? 1st time leh, havent meet tis incident before.

be alert to my next post oo, should be a new post at sunday (tis few day prepare for exam and competition).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A drawing? A sketch?

Ehh, i did mention i wan to draw pic n i done drawing a ppl tat i like. I will post it in here.
Maybe it is not good enough to get a perfect pic, maybe i knoe the reason:
  1. Hands: i dunno how to draw a ppl hand n i just try to sketch it. comment mi if got sumting wrong.
  2. Lack experience: because i got art less than Pass grade, so i hardly to draw it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A day trip of tiring but fun....

Tis time i need to tell about last monday when is the holiday, so we decide go for a trip. the member is HW, T, HC , and mi (the name cant be tell, sry). Actually, initially we decide to go temple for praying and remove HW's Unfortunate (he kena 2 times of accidents, as u notice), but since after we pray at temple, the shopping complex is quite near, so we decide to pay a visit to Sungei Wang, Lau Yat, n Times Squares.

We start going to location stated below after we having lunch:

1. Temple(Tian Hou Gong): We pray for ouselves and for HW oso(lol). And we oso take sum pic for the memory. Actually, it is around 7 years since i come here (if i didn mistaken, i come second time at 2002, for brush teeth,lol).and i will show sum of pic there.

2. Sungei Wang: after praying, we going to Sungei Wang to find a YuGiOh Duelists to play with. Maybe because tat day is monday, so quite unfortunate. Nvm tat, i oso got sum useful card there. After tat, we going to Lau Yat which is next to here, haha. About the card i get, i maybe post it next time(i didn scan yet).

3. Lau Yat: We come here just nothing but help T's friend to buy a micro sd card. It cost Rm 38 for 2G card. I dunno is tat ex or not. After buyin, we going to Times Square to wtch a movie o.

4. Times Square: we just choose "watchman" as our movie to watch. it publish a few day ago, i tink. for mi, i feel quite hard to firgure the plot on it, because it originally from comic n i havn read it. after tat, we just goin to play sum "ting ting" and my favorite game is gun game because i am gunslinger(lol).

5. KLCC(extra): around 9pm, T wan to go KLCC to visit his friend and giv the card ( as i mention at 3rd part, maybe ). so, we drop him at there n Goin bc. Unfortunately, tat time is raining and we are lost around there. so, it take 1 n half hour to arrive home (before goin bc, i giv bc the motor to my senior because we going by motor and we dun hav enough motor.).

Hnngghh.... TAt is the end of the day, about sum photo i mention, i may post it in the next post ba because it havn done yet. Be prepare oo....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sem 4 around UM .....

I didn realise that it is sem 4 already i study at um dy....

quite feel that life is short (maybe)....

And this sem i feel very uncommon, for example :

  1. HW incident. I thought tat HW just accident last sem n i don tink he will got accident again. Very surprising is at thrusday nite, he kena accident again ( but lucky is this time the damages of ppl n motor are not so serious ) , n the careless driver who cause the accident apologizes HW n giv RM50 to him for repair. actually, he got benefit on it because the motor repairment just require RM20 onli, and he got 30 extra (LOL). Recently he say he don wan ride it again because he say he very unlucky when he ride it. And i doubt he will not ride it again. Just see how long he tahan.

  2. Beffore 2000, Jelebu/fog come to Malaysia (if i didn mistaken). And now, 2009, The jelebu incident occurs in my house. My so-called coursemate/ZB who is from China is the heavy smoker wit his good friend (from China oso). I dunno how long i suffer tis jelebu. To be honest, i very don like tis ppl (maybe i am offensive to him) n he didn giv mi good impression to mi oso since he shift to this house. I dunno who invide him to tis house, and he got the bad attitudes in his life. I not really want to curse him, but if he didn change at all, so be it n i don wan to border it again.

  3. Last time, i visit 6th MKTH at 12th college at UM. My coursemate, HC is the performer and i and HW wan to cheer to him. HW strategy is when he shout "HC", then i shout "dota". the ting is, why i cant shout so loud and HC cant heard it (after he done perform n we ask him). it is quite bashful to mi in tat situation. And about other performance, i very enjoyed n it is better than last year 1. So, i hope next near will be more better. BtW, HC oso cant shout so loud, the evidents is When in halusiswa, He became sub leader but he shout so soft (this is when i first i meet him). LOLOLOLOL......

  4. Recently, i dunno why i like to draw a picture of ppl. I cant get a good grades in arts in my past 21 years ( i mean is primary n secondary). i Tink tat maybe because i watch so many anime ba. I tink my drawing is so so onli. And maybe next time i will post my drawing later n giv sum comment ba, tnx. p/s: i dunno how to draw an figure, dunno y?

Just pass half sem dy, but so many ting happen lately. Hope tat the future will be More better than now . oh ya, i tink i post some collection to u all to see. Bye nie.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quite lazy n tired for writing a blog lately....

As i knoe now, it is quite a few month i didn touch the post. I tink nobody want to read the blog i write, but nvm, i will still writee it whenever i hav any ting to post abt.

now is the new sem dy, n quite many incident happen lately. for example:

1) MKTH: quite make mi surprise abit. the juniors perfomance almost perfect n make mi quite enjoyed. keep well in next year oso.

2) Recently i dunno why i unlucky lately (although i always unlucky one.). I may make sumone disapointed to mi, and i very afraid the time of alone will come over . i hope that the incident will not be happen in my life.

If i don post any thing, maybe got some reasons:

  • i forget to post the blog (i got ammesia, i tink)
  • i want to study for the exam( sum time true n false oso,lol)
  • no idea tat what i wan to say( quite lacking idea lately)

BTW, if sumbody playing yugioh card, we can duel together. so, just comment mi or just tell mi how to contact u.

Tats all i can tell, Good day to u all.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is 'malang' stick to u?

Recently I feel tat our housemate included mi are unfortunately very kaw. the unfortunately ting is:
1. My housemate/roommate, HW/Jamaiswu is kena accident at Sunday (12/10/08). After we get the call from him, we rushly go there to help him and fetch him to Hospital UM. The cost is quite ok, but I quite pity to him cause I see him like half death only. Hope he fine soon. This is the photo of him (with permission, lol.)

2. Crazycat’s motor kena crushes badly since HW take his motor (the reason of rosak refer to (1). And he is quite sad about tat ting. Recently he put the motor to motor shop for maintaining services. Hope tat he will be fine oso (but I see him always kisiao, lol)

3. My broadband kena jam recently for two week, until I very bengang wit it until I wan to change to streamyx in the next sem (although the ISP sever is up recently).
But, I tink tat is the life test for us to confront it. So, if u hav any complicated life, just confront urself by ur open heart. For mi, I am quite open minded( I tink so ), lol.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good fortune in hari raya day...

In tis hari raya, i just stay at my home ( since i don hav the destination to go in this day ) to play Maple Story, because there got the 2x exp event for 6 hours, tat mean from 1pm to 7pm. Because i wan lvl up my main character ( jeffchaong3, Fire Wizard ( or no, he is dy Fire Mage ) ) for these hours, and finally i can lvl up about 3 lvl in half day.

But the problem is, to change a job, i must do some tasks to qualify to be a mage :
  1. Strength. In this part, i must fite my mentor ( 80lv ) to get the proof of strength. Very sad tat he can summon the mobs tat i don like ( taurospear ) until i die ( because i don hav pot dy ). Hence, i hav to spend around 300k meso ( money at Maple Story ) to buy Geng Pots and challenge it again. Finally i defeat him ( my strategi is just att him onli without att the mobs ).
  2. Wisdom. In tis part, i very bengang xia, because i don knoe the answer, so i check the hidden-street for the guide, but unfortunately, my char dc and my crystal missin ( Dark crystal is needed for the task ). So, my solution is copy whole answers in 1 paper 1st, then i buy bc dark crystal ( around 300k oso ) to do it again. And finally, I got the proof of wisdom without got any prob.

I quite happy and excitin because my main char just change job ( because i play it around 1 n half year dy ). In the middle i cant play because of som reasons. And now, i am on the way for the 4th job ( min lvl 120lv). yyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh.